The ISV program at PAC 2024 will be distributed across sessions scheduled from the morning of the October 7 – 11, 2024. Several sessions will be open to the general body of PAC registrants while others will be limited to ISV participants.

Entrepreneurship Tutorial & Workshops

This year’s ISV program kicks off with a two-hour tutorial, in combination with other tutorial topics across many subjects of interest to PAC and ISV delegates.
Some of the topics that will be covered are:

  • Entrepreneurship 102: Governance, –  Ken Stauffer

It will focus on the many business development issues faced by the aspiring and practicing rural micro-grid operators. ISV-funded programs encourage and assist current and aspiring micro-utility developers to validate their business models and methods to scale. As many off-grid project managers will attest to, getting the hardware installed and micro-utility commissioned is the easy part. It’s after that which determines if the operation is self-sustaining and scalable. Having a good business model up-front, based on knowing products and understanding the market, is essential

Educational Sessions
The second of ISVs three pillars is promotion of educational opportunities in the community served. Through presentations and workshops throughout the week, participants will learn to identify needs, set learning objectives, establish a curriculum, and discover resources on how to provide vocational training that creates village opportunities. The issue of digital learning technology and access for remote off-the-internet communities will also be addressed.

Enterprise Development
ISV’s third pillar is community enterprise development. Productive uses of power will be explored along with real-world case studies. The energy entrepreneurs will share lessons learned as well as the challenges encountered. ISV Volunteers, leaders and energy practitioners present their past achievements and new developments, encouraging the attendees on viable models of implementation. At ISV we acknowledge that providing electrical power to the energy impoverished is just a first step in community transformation. Stimulating and supporting the growth of local craft, trade, vocational, and community enterprises is the key to ISVs overall success. The mission is for the eradication of poverty through income generating uses of the energy provided and these sessions will involve presentations from successful social entrepreneurs worldwide.