Work originality, posting and plagiarism

IEEE and PowerAfrica expect that only original work will be proposed for presentation at the conference, and only such work can be accepted for publication.  The Technical Program Committee will conduct a plagiarism check to determine that every proposed paper is indeed original.  This said, a small portion of a paper may come from other sources.  Four situations come to mind:

  • Discussion of previous studies, methods, or results. It is fine to discuss the work of previous researchers, in fact, such comparisons are a great tool to advance technology.  This can include a figure, equations, results, etc.  If doing so, the discussion must clearly attribute the source of the data being discussed with reference to the paper(s) it came from.
  • Similarly, some authors will draw from their own previous work. The new paper may use the same test set up as a previous study, or expand on previous results.  Some degree of repeat may be useful for the reader to understand the new work.  But this must be as brief as possible, add up to a small portion of the new paper, and include reference(s) to the previous publication(s), even if by the same authors.
  • Pre-print: Some authors use pre-print of their work to get early feedback on their research.  At the present time, IEEE accepts papers pre-printed on servers such as Arxiv and TechRxiv.  If this the case, the pre-print should be cited properly by the author(s) within their submission.  Once articles have been accepted for publication by the conference, authors are required to post an IEEE copyright notice on their preprints.  After the conference, once the paper is on IEEE Xplore, the authors must replace the preprints with either 1) the full citation to the IEEE works with Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) or 2) the accepted versions only.
  • There is a desire on the part of some authors to post their research on their website. This is possible as long as the authors are able to transfer copyright to IEEE when submitting their paper to the conference.

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