Tutorial 4 - Energy Storage Technologies, Photovoltaic Technologies, Smart Construction

Part 3: Smart Construction

Prof. Hicham Mastouri, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Morocco


New efficient urban areas with innovative application or different combined techniques are being developed to avoid harm to the environment. Such urban centers comply with the requirements of sustainable development at the forefront of environmental issues.  Green cities within these urban extents are being constructed to be low in CO2 emissions with very low need in energy consumption and materials. The seminar focusses essentially on the idea behind the efficient settings of urban systems and the intended performance of its components incorporated to these green implementations.

  • Efficient urban indicators
  • Energy and resource efficiency in the urban

Example of Energy efficient implementation

Hicham Mastouri, from Marrakech, Professor and Researcher at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Doctor in Energy and Thermals, He graduated as an electronics/electrical engineer from Ajman University in the United Arab Emirates in 2009. He held engineering positions in Emirates and Morocco in the field of electronics engineering. Currently, most of his research focuses on topics related to energy efficiency and renewable energies, and combining skills in dynamic modeling of thermal and aeraulic behavior of passive, solar, hybrid and other systems and technology-related systems as well as smart systems. He is actively involved in many research activities with several institutions since 2012, as Principal Investigator and research team members of several Research Projects mainly with highly ranked prestigious American, European and Moroccan Institutions.