African Power Pools Panel

  • Theme

“The role of power pools in the electrification of the African continent for socio-economic development and transitioning into clean energy.”

  • Abstract

It is estimated that in Sub-Saharan Africa about 600 million people do not have access to electricity. The average electrification rate is about 45%, and in rural areas it is as low as 25%. Africa lags other continents in industrialisation and infrastructure development. Yet Africa has one of the fastest growing populations and most youthful population in the world. Several socio-economic development programmes have been implemented in Africa, both at national and continental levels. The target to reach universal access to affordable and clean energy by 2030 is also under pursuit. Thus, forecasts show that the electricity demand in Africa will grow rapidly in the coming years. Other regions of the world achieved industrialisation mainly by using carbon-intensive electric energy. Presently, the world is experiencing adverse effects of climate change and Africa is not spared. Panelists will present and discuss the role of African power pools in the electrification of the African continent and transitioning into clean energy. The audience will be engaged to give inputs on this subject.


Zelalem Gebrehiwot


Technical Director
Eastern Africa Power Pool (EAPP)

Zelalem has over 25 years of professional experience in the energy sector. Currently he is working for EAPP at a director position where he is responsible for coordination of various technical studies and implementation of programs aimed at facilitation of: (i) optimal development of the Eastern Africa regional interconnected power system, (ii) reliable operation of the regional interconnected power system and (iii) multilateral electricity trade.

Prior to joining EAPP, Zelalem has served in expert and managerial roles in areas of power system operation, power system expansion planning, feasibility studies of power generation, transmission, and rural electrification projects at the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation.

Zelalem earned BSC degree in Electrical engineering from Addis Ababa University and master’s degree in energy and sustainability from the university of Cumbria of UK.

Elhadji Ndour


Project Manager

Western Africa Power Pool (WAPP)

Mr. Elhadji NDOUR is Telecommunications Engineer by training and has been working for nearly 20 years in electricity network management systems at Senelec (Senegal) and then at WAPP. He is currently Project Manager for the construction of the WAPP CIC and has expertise in Scada/EMS/MMS/AMR. He remains convinced that organizations like WAPP will be a source of economic and human development in the years to come with the achievement of more energy mix in power generation and interconnection of national power grids.


Sydney Kadikula Zimba


Operations Engineer

Southern African Power Pool (SAPP)

Sydney Kadikula Zimba is registered as a Professional Engineer by the Engineering Councils of South Africa (ECSA) Zimbabwe (ECZ). He is also a member of the IEEE. He has about 20 years’ experience in the energy sector, specialising in electric power system control and operations. Sydney obtained the BSc (Electrical Engineering) in 1997 and MEng (Engineering Management) in 2016. Sydney has chaired paper presentation sessions and convened/hosted panel discussion sessions at previous IEEE Power Africa Conferences.