Dr Sachin KAMBLE

Dr. Sachin KAMBLE

Date: d xxrd , 2023

Short Abstract :
Organizations across the globe are devising novel approaches to strive for carbon neutrality. Global institutions have manifested the critical need to develop reasonable strategies in every sector to mitigate the impending issues of excessive anthropogenic carbon emission and, in consequence, climate change. World-leading economies have initiated significant steps by developing zero-carbon emission policies to monitor the escalating carbon emissions to curb global warming. The clothing industry features a substantial carbon footprint while causing environmental pollution. Based on transition management theory, this presentation aims to explore and evaluate the critical determinants that can assist in pursuing carbon neutrality in the clothing industry. The presentation will cover the following aspects.

  • A decision support system comprising an integrated voting analytical hierarchy process (VAHP) and Bayesian network (BN) method.
  • Identification of critical determinants for carbon neutrality (CDs-CN) and prioritising them using the VAHP method.
  • Development of a tool to predict the carbon neutrality index (CNI) using a BN. The findings reveal that professional expertise, laws and certifications, technological acceptance, availability of decarbonizing methods, and adequate carbon offsetting are the essential CDs-CN. This presentation extends the existing knowledge on integrating MCDM-ML techniques to address predictive modelling-based problems involving complex structures.

Short Bio :
Dr. Sachin S. Kamble is Professor of Digital Transformation (Operations and Strategy) at EDHEC Business School, Lille, France. He holds a Ph.D. in Management, MBA in Operations and Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is listed in top 2% of researchers globally- Published by Elsevier- Stanford University (October 2021). His name is also listed in top five researchers in France as per the p-ranking for 2020-21 publications Dr. Sachin’s teaching and research interests include Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Big Data Analytics, Industry 4.0 and Blockchain Technology. He has more than 50 authored/co-authored publications in referred international journals and include high impact journals such as Int. J of Production Economics, Int. J of Production Research, Computers in Industry, Int. J of Information Mgmt. and Process Safety & Env. Mgmt. Dr. Sachin has done 27 consultancy assignments for leading manufacturing organizations.