Dr. Avoki Michel Omekanda

Dr. Avoki M. Omekanda is Staff Research Engineer at General Motors, Global Research & Development Center, in Warren, Michigan, USA. Dr. Omekanda is also Professor of Electrical Engineering at ISTA/Kinshasa School of Engineering in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. His research topics include the design/ analysis/control of electric machines, actuators & sensors, Robust Engineering – Taguchi methods, computation of electromagnetic fields using finite element analysis & boundary element analysis, and acoustic noise, vibration & harshness in electrical machines. Dr. Omekanda has received more than fifty U.S. patents, defensive publications, foreign patents, and Tool/Method/Secret. He holds more than sixty international publications in referred Journals and Transactions. Dr. Omekanda is currently Vice-Chair of the Governing Board of IEEE Smart Village, Member of the IEEE ECCE Conference Steering Committee, Secretary of the IEEE PES/IAS PowerAfrica Conference Steering Committee and serves as Vice-Chair of the Project Development Committee of IEEE Smart Village. Dr. Omekanda is Past-Chair of the Inter Society Cooperation Committee of the IEEE Industry Applications Society (IAS), and Past-General Chair of the IEEE ECCE2018, Portland, Oregon, USA.