Allan Kweli

Head of Operations, Volkswagen Mobility Solutions Rwanda

Allan Kweli has work and industry experience in the automotive, telecommunications, and research fields and is currently Head of Operations at Volkswagen Mobility Solutions Rwanda. In his previous role, he was a Senior Mobile Packet Backbone Engineer with MTN, where he successfully implemented the current IP-RAN backbone, thus ensuring network scalability and further modernization of the packet core network. Prior to MTN, he was a Research and Teaching Assistant at the University of Cape Town, a role that channeled his passion as a research engineer to develop and innovate sustainable solutions.

With a background in engineering, Allan holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering – specializing in Telecommunications Engineering, and Certifications in Strategic Business Management, Energy Efficiency, and Sustainability from the University of Cape Town.

As a volunteer, Allan is an ii2030 Rwanda Smart City – traffic and air pollution track member, Vice Chair – E-mobility sub-sector, and part of the City of Kigali’s E-mobility technical committee, charged with fast-tracking sustainable e-mobility growth and adaptation.

Allan is passionate about how innovation and technology ensure the strategic and sustainable development of businesses. Furthermore, he has a particular interest in how operational decarbonization can be achieved in different industries, smart e-mobility, renewable energy, and blockchain technology. This passion is evident in his recent paper “The Nexus between Smart Mobility Digitization and Carbon Neutrality through Blockchain Technology”.