Welcome Message

This year’s event is a convergence of many kinds.  Energy-minded folks who research and operate in the African context are in-person for the first IEEE PES/IAS PowerAfrica Conference since the start of a global pandemic.  Rather than leading or following, practitioners from Asia, Africa, and the Global North are engaging in multi-directional knowledge transfer. We know the future may come early anywhere. High penetrations of solar, breakthroughs in electric mobility business cases, and interconnection of national grids to hubs with solar and storage- all these developments in Africa are sparking new engineering standards and regulatory questions.
As you reconnect in Rwanda with us, be reminded of our potential for growth- we are teeming with talent and investing with partners to build something not seen before.  Let us carry you through bustling commercial areas to the quiet innovation of the Kigali industrial free zone. Take in a tutorial, to expand your understanding and skills. Explore a dynamic, yet safe and clean capital city, as sunset reveals hills of twinkling neighborhoods and gentle night life. Venture up-country to find both tech wonders and unique wildlife experiences. But most of all, come to know the delegates who have reached here with you. As you chat on the bus, challenge each other’s ideas, enjoy breaks, and listen to each other, you create the consequence and impact of this event, and we are here to facilitate you. Let’s reconnect in remarkable Rwanda.
On behalf of the organizing committee, your co-chairs.

Barry Rawn

Samantha Niyoyita