Professional Development Resources for Engineers in Africa

Session Abstract

This session focuses on resources for engineering professionals in Africa to continue developing their knowledge and skills throughout their careers. Panelist presentations will cover objectives and resources for continuing education for engineers in Africa, IEEE eLearning courses currently being offered through the IEEE Continu>ED initiative, feedback and lessoned learned from engineers taking IEEE eLearning course through IEEE Continu>ED, and the experience and perspective of companies participating in the program. Following the panelist presentations, the floor will be open to session attendees for their questions, observations, and perspectives regarding continuing education. The intention is to have a dialog with practicing engineers, employers, and government representatives to identify the needs, interests, and challenges for continuing education for engineering professionals in Africa.


Vincent Kaabunga (Moderator)

Vincent Kaabunga is a Knowledge Management and Organizational Development Specialist with cross-training in Engineering, Management and M&E. He studied Electrical Engineering at Makerere University and pursued post-graduate studies in Information Technology at the University of Pretoria and Strategic Business Management training at the Strathmore Business School.  He has worked extensively in sustainable development and organizational capacity development across Eastern and Southern Africa, and in Southeast Asia.  Vincent is a Senior Member of the IEEE.

Lucy Muchira

Lucy Muchira is the IEEE African Stakeholder Specialist. She has a Bachelor of Business Information Technology from Strathmore University and a Master of Technology Policy, Management and Technology from University of Cambridge. She has worked in Technology Consulting for over 17 years in Africa, Europe, and the US. Lucy is currently working with the IEEE on a project for continuing education for engineers and ICT professionals in Africa.

Joseph Mutale

Joseph Mutale is Professor of Sustainable Energy and Electric Power Systems (Emeritus) at The University of Manchester, UK. He obtained the BEng degree from the University of Zambia, a postgraduate diploma from the Norwegian Institute of Technology, and the MSc and PhD from UMIST, which is now part of the University of Manchester. He spent over 15 years in the electric utility industry in Zambia at Copperbelt Power Company and ZESCO, the Zambian National Utility, where he was Transmission Manager and Director of Engineering Development.

He is Director of the Education Partnerships in Africa project in Zambia and subject matter expert for the World Bank funded African Centres of Excellence in Renewable Energy. He has also supported university curriculum development in Algeria and Zimbabwe. Prof Mutale is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, UK, and The Engineering Institution of Zambia, and a Senior Member of IEEE.

Alain Kajangwe

Alain Kajangwe is Founder and CEO of WiredIn Ltd., a Rwandan registered company specializing in offshore software development services to clients in Rwanda, Japan, Europe, and the United States of America.  Alain has worked as a Principal Software Engineer on a number of financial and electronic payment systems with leading financial institutions in Germany and Rwanda.  He holds an MS in IT from Carnegie Mellon University and a BS in Computer Science from La Roche College, both in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. He started his undergraduate studies in Aeronautical Science with Flight Option at Florida Institute of Technology (1999 – 2000), in Melbourne, FL, USA, and holds a Private Pilot License with Instrument Rating.

Josephine Russo

Josephine Russo is Manager of Strategic Research for IEEE in Piscataway, NY, USA, and an Adjunct Professor in the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy & Practice, Philadelphia, PA, USA, where she earned her Master of Social Work. She earned the Bachelor of Science in Social Work at Stockton University, Galloway, NJ, USA.  Josephine has a passion for social justice and a clear investment in advancing society through innovation and evidence-based practices. For the past 5 years, she has specialized in all facets of non-profit evaluation including research and measurement design, data collection, storage and analysis, and outcomes reporting.