Postgraduate Forum

Facilitator: Irene Samy Fahim

The 2022 IEEE PES-IAS PowerAfrica Conference 2022 will organize a postgraduate (PG) Forum on ”Sustainable and Smart Energy Revolutions for Powering Africa”. The objective of the forum is to create a stimulating environment for graduate students to discuss their on-going research work with peers and experienced researchers from academia and industry. The target audiences of the forum are PhD students, recently graduated PhDs, supervisors, conference attendees, and master’s students planning to pursue PhD studies in the related area of the PG forum. The forum will be organized as a poster session.

Irene Samy Fahim is an associate Professor, Industrial and Service Engineering and Management department, Nile University Cairo, Egypt. She is the Director for Smart Engineering systems research center, Nile University.   She won the state encouragement award for women 2020, and Hazem Ezzat Research excellence award, 2021 and Loreal UNESCO for Women in Science 2021 Egypt young talents program. She received a grant for Egypt Higher Education Climate change partnerships Grants in collaboration with Nottingham University and the British council.

She is currently working on investigating organic solar cells parameters: extraction and characterization techniques, effect of thickness and temperature on flexible organic solar cell performance, performing several experimental and material processing procedures, including the use of additives, annealing, and polymer chain engineering in terms of their impact on the parameters of organic solar cells. She is also working on developing novel polymer composites membranes for industrial applications such as food packaging.

Dr. Fahim participated in several development projects that were implemented to serve the community such as a project entitled “Covering Irrigation Cannels with Solar Cells”.