Local ecosystem use and integration of global standards - addressing practical questions

Panelist: Eric HAGENIMANA

Introduction to IEEE standards in the power and energy sector, how they are used in different African countries and how they help meet local needs, how organizations can think about purchasing energy infrastructure equipment in a manner that preemptively addresses potential interoperability issues, and how to integrate renewables into the grid.

  •   Overview of IEEE standards related to the Power and Energy Sector (conference topics in general and safety). 
  •   Grid code issues: grid connected solar, grid encroachment onto mini-grids. 
  •   Adapting and interoperability of standards used in Africa originating from different standards developers.
  •   Choice of local manufacture Vs imports for energy products.
  • Standards based conformity assessment to ensure products, services and systems comply to standards. Certification programs to enhance interoperability and promote seamless movement of products across international boundaries.
  • Workforce development to ensure trained and credentialed workers are readily available to deploy and manage modern technologies and challenges.

Institutions to participate in standards related panel 

  • IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) 
  • Rwanda Standards Board (RSB) 
  • Rwanda Energy Group (REG)